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This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England 26.07.2011
Sad Goodbyes and Arabian Nights 22.07.2011
It's a washout - but victory followed. 21.07.2011
Now is the winter of our discontent. 21.07.2011
Tales from the River Bank, Punting and Jamming 20.07.2011
Pigs, Acorns and Mr Darcy 19.07.2011
All The Kings Men and Ghostly Tales 19.07.2011
Dreaming Spires 18.07.2011
Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On. 12.07.2011
Green and Pleasant Land 12.07.2011
Donkey Hotty 11.07.2011
Lost Gardens and the Mud Maid 10.07.2011
End of The World 10.07.2011
7 Go Wild in Cornwall 10.07.2011
Garden of Eden 09.07.2011
Justified and Ancient 09.07.2011
Last Day in Eastbourne 08.07.2011
Big Brekky and BBQ 08.07.2011
Those Were The Days My Friend 08.07.2011
Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside 07.07.2011
Blood is thicker than Guinness 06.07.2011
Claddagh 06.07.2011
'Tis the truth, to be sure. 27.06.2011
The long and Winding road 27.06.2011
What a load of Blarney! 20.06.2011
Heading South 20.06.2011
"In Dublins' Fair City" 18.06.2011
Céad míle fáilte rómhat go hÉi 17.06.2011
Tale of Two Cities 15.06.2011
Caught in the rain 08.06.2011
Fancy a cuppa? 07.06.2011
3 in 1 06.06.2011
Isn't it ironic (don't you think)? 03.06.2011
Long flight. Case of mistaken identity. Uncanny & knackered. 03.06.2011
Almost Time 30.05.2011